Data Back Up & Recovery services (Collect and Deliver)

We provide Data Backup & Recovery services. If you have data that needs to be backed up for archiving or you have a computer that has failed and you require data recovery then contacts us and we can help you with this.

Data Recovery process
Recovering data from a hard drive requires applying heuristics and can only be done in our workshop and may take several hours. The completeness of data recovery depends on many factors disk size, free space, and fragmentation. This is a very technical and complex process for most average computer users to perform themselves.

The Back Up Collect and Deliver Process
We will collect your Laptop, PC or Apple Mac Hard Drive or SD card, USB drive and perform back up of your documents and photos.
We will supply you with a USB drive where your data will be backed up.
We will charge £75.00 as diagnostic fee and if we can recover your data and you wanted to go ahead with it then we will credit this towards your final fee.
This diagnostic fee is non-refundable and must be paid in advance.
Prices will depend on the capacity of the file.
Data is not guaranteed to be recoverable until we run diagnostics on the hard drive.
Total Capacity of Data (8GB)  £90.00
Total Capacity of Data (16GB to 512GB) Contact us for a quote.

All prices includes the collection of system/hard drive and delivery of the USB drive.