• System Servicing & Health Check or Ad-hoc support (Windows & Apple systems)

    £80.00 per hour.

    Services are charged on a minimum one hour charge.

    Full system scan of your hardware and software to speed things up and optimise your computer system performance.

  • Complete virus and spyware scan and removal, to keep you safe from cyber-criminals.
    Hard disk clean up so you get more space for your pictures, files and programs.
    Software and system scans to make sure you’re fully up to date and protected from the latest online threats.
    General software error and configuration repair.


    Fix minor software errors
    Removing pop-ups
    System Optimiser
    Virus and Spyware Scan
    Software & System Scan
    Basic system security check 

  • Most issues can be resolved within one to two hours of remote session. To get a quote let us know the make and model of the system and problem description so we can provide you the quotation of the total work time for your system.

  • Please note that System Servicing & Health Remote charges must be paid in advance before any remote session can be confirmed.

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